Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Corporations: From idea to market

Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Corporations: From idea to market

What is innovation, and can it be monetised sustainably?

Led by Naila Mehrabova, a foremost figure in corporate strategy, leadership, and innovation, this series will combine industry expertise with academic knowledge. Innovation and strategy will collide.

Five modules will systematically break down innovation, extracting its core tenets, analysing the contexts in which it wields most power, and utilising this knowledge to craft a sustainable yet wildly ambitious vision for the future, for entrepreneurs and organisations alike. Questions surrounding capturing the monetary value of innovation, market creation, and the implementation of sustainable business models, will be answered and extended.

Theoretical and analytical frameworks will enrich lectures and empower participants to drive forward and realise their own potential and that of their organisations by implementing this systematic guide to innovation.

Join ADA University in peeling back the layers of innovation to harness and implement its transformative potential.

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