"The Economist" published ADA University student's essay

"The Economist" published ADA University student's essay

The leading newspaper "The Economist" published an essay authored by one of the brilliant ADA University students Nargiz Ahmadova (22).

Each year, The Economist runs an Open Future Essay Competition for creating a platform to the world's sharpest minds to express their opinions on diverse topics.

We are lucky that Nargiz's essay which tackled climate change issues was published in 'The Economist' and her voice reached out to the international community.

“By saying to his grandchildren, ‘this river passing our house was too wide to swim in my childhood, but now it is too small to swim’, my grandfather indeed touched the point that today scientists are talking about," mentioned Narmin.

Our students build their niche with us and we are privileged to bring such smart individuals under the ADA roof.

Check the article here.

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