İnformasiya Texnologiyaları və Mühəndislik Fakültəsi (SITE)
Araz Yusubov

Araz Yusubov

Assistant Professor

Computer and Information Sciences

  • Email: ayusubov[at]
  • Telefon: 421
  • Ofis: B311

Our goal is that at the end of each course our students would not only say 'I know', they would also say 'I can'. We see SITE students as ambitious minds aspired to tackle global challenges, as decent citizens committed to the highest ethical standards, and as able young professionals ready to use the power of technologies for bringing solutions to real life problems. Their study programs are not only about technical knowledge and skills, they learn how to communicate efficiently, to persuade and lead others towards a common mission.

  • Principles of Information Systems
  • Intro to Software Engineering
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Game Development Fundamentals
  • IT Project Management
  • PhD, Institute of Cybernetics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 2004
  • MS, Baku State University, 1999
  • BS, Baku State University, 1997
ADA-ya qatıldı September, 2015
Nəşrlər - “Multiversion validation method in informational computer networks” in Proceedings of the Third International Conference “Internet-Education-Science. IES-2002”, Volume 2, Vinnytsia, Ukraine;

- “Modified optimistic multiversion concurrency control algorithm in distributed databases” in "Applied and Computational Mathematics" An International Journal, Volume 1, No.1, 2002 National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan;

- “Hierarchical Models in OpenGL” in “Delphi Informant Magazine” April 2002, Volume 8 Number 4, CA, USA.