Senior Design Projects Presentation and Demonstration Day organized by SITE

Senior Design Projects Presentation and Demonstration Day organized by SITE

On April 29, the School of Information Technologies and Engineering (SITE) will host Presentation and Demonstration Day of Senior Design Projects (SDPs) that showcase the hard work of students. This year, ten selected projects will be presented and demonstrated to the community. The representatives of companies that are at the forefront of innovations are expected to join the presentations.
Seniors will demonstrate their education and practical experience through their projects tailored to bring innovative solutions for solving real-world problems.
SDP is a two-semester course in which undergraduate students are divided into groups to develop their final project. All SITE students conclude their undergraduate education by presenting and demonstrating design projects.
SDP Industry Session 2021 includes 10 unique projects:
1. Development of Speech Synthesis System
2. Mobile Robot Controlled by a Tactile Wearable for Remote Monitoring
3. Large High-quality Corpus building from Web and Text Classification for Azerbaijan Language
4. Unibank Customer Lifetime Value Prediction
5. Autonomous car
6. Word Embeddings for Azerbaijani Language
7. Text-based Dialogue System for Azerbaijani Language
8. Development of Distributed Platform for Large-scale Web Crawling
9. Development of Part of Speech Tagging System for Azerbaijani language
10. Development of Semantic Similarity System
We are delighted to inform you that graduates, parents, prospective students, peers, faculty, and experts are welcome to virtually attend the Presentation and Demonstration day.

Join the event via the link:

Mark April 29 (10.00-13.00) in your agenda and do not forget to join us.

The Presentation and Demonstration day will be held in English.

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