Generative AI: Challenges to Higher education

Generative AI: Challenges to Higher education

Dr. Sencer Yeralan, Professor of IT and Engineering at ADA University will deliver a lecture on Generative AI: Challenges to Higher education.

Generative Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that is transforming various fields, including education. It enables machines to create content that resembles human-generated content, with significant implications for higher education.

The talk will start with a historical review of the technological developments leading up to Large Language Models and Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Sencer Yeralan spanning a decade academic career, has taught classes in electrical, industrial, mechanical, computer engineering as well as in mathematics, law, and social sciences. He served as dean of engineering, business, and natural sciences.

With a passion for all types of systems, Sencer Yeralan has worked on industrial robotics and vision systems, computer-aided manufacturing, designed hardware for automotive, medical, and defense systems, and has written compilers and special-purpose operating systems for deeply embedded systems,

The session will be provided in English.

Translation into Azerbaijani language will also be provided.

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