New Policies Approved

New Policies Approved

On August 5, 2021, the list of proposed university documents and amendments to Academic Catalogue was shared with Senate Members for their approval via online voting.

All relevant supporting documents were shared in the form of attachments. A unique link to a survey from was sent to each member separately asking to vote on each of the outstanding items with one of the four options: 1) in favor 2) against 3) abstain or 4) requires discussion

The list of proposed university documents included:

1. Academic Calendar of 2021-2022
2. Changes to Academic Catalogue
3. Language changes to Honor Code
4. “Professor of Practice” Faculty Position

Online voting was complete on August 11, 2021. Based on the voting results, the Chair of the University Senate, Rector Pashayev, approved to pass all proposed changes.
As a result of voting, all the amendments were passed.