Fall 2021 Campus Reopening Plans

Fall 2021 Campus Reopening Plans

This page is constantly updated to show the most recent information regarding ADA University Campus reopening plans.

We are scheduled to reopen campus for on-campus classes and regular student attendance starting from Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

Who can enter the campus?

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, students can enter campus only if one of below conditions are met:

- Aged below 18

- Have at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine

- Have valid immunity certificate

- Have valid medical exemption

How to check your status?

All students are required to check their campus entrance status before September 29.

1. Go to  

2. Login using your myADA credentials

3. Check your status

4. See the explanation of your status below:

a. Empty status: we do not have information about your vaccination status. Please select your relevant vaccination status and click submit. Allow 5 workdays for review.

b. Under review: we have some information about your vaccination status, but it is pending review. Allow 5 workdays for review. No need to e-mail us.

c. Allowed: we have reviewed your submitted information and you are eligible to enter campus.

d. Denied: we have reviewed your submitted information and you are not eligible to enter campus. If there has been a change in your vaccination status, select the relevant status from the dropdown and click submit. Allow 5 workdays for review.

What to do if campus access is denied?

If you do not meet campus entrance requirements, you must change your on-campus classes to online classes. Please contact your advisor and change your classes before the end of add/drop period. It also means that you cannot come to campus for any other purpose.

Campus Rules

Students can come to ADA University campus to attend a class/event, visit library or for a previously scheduled meeting. All students visiting campus must follow rules and regulations in the document below.

Students Health Measures and Safety procedures 2021

Students are encouraged to leave campus as soon as their scheduled on-campus commitments are over. In cases, when students cannot leave campus and must stay to join online classes from campus, they are required to book a room in advance by going to or use common areas of campus. While reserving a room, you cannot go over 90 minutes limit per day.


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