Article co-authored by ADA University faculty was published in Warsaw, Poland

Article co-authored by ADA University faculty was published in Warsaw, Poland

The "East European Studies" (“Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie”) journal of Warsaw University published the scholarly article about Azerbaijan's Karabakh region co-authored by Assistant Professor at School of Education, Jeyhun Rzayev and Adjunct Instructor, Gulana Aliyeva.

The joint paper, entitled “Historical, Cultural and Archeological Review of Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan” takes readers on a historical journey and examines Karabakh's identity.
Besides providing historical background, this article introduces up-to-date facts, causes, and triggers of the decade-long Karabakh conflict.

"During the course of the war, an incredible amount of false information was observed, articles by individual non-professional authors who were fans of provocations were published on many websites. Now it is called information war." highlights the authors while analyzing the latest updates related to the Karabakh conflict.

We are happy to announce that the article, "Political dimension of the second Karabakh war" authored by Farkhad Aliyev SE's Assistant Professor was also published in the same journal. The author mentioned:

"The second Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, its consequences and expectations after it, cannot be scrutinized without understanding of interests and positions of key actors involved in different forms into the political processes in South Caucasus: European countries, Iran, Russia, Turkey, USA. All the above-mentioned centers of power tried to be very active in the region after the collapse of the USSR in the framework of negotiations and direct involvement in the framework of bilateral relations with the three countries of the region".

Read the full article here.

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