Opening ceremony of the solar/wind tulip turbine was held at ADA University

Opening ceremony of the solar/wind tulip turbine was held at ADA University

Today, ADA University held an opening ceremony of the solar/wind tulip turbine donated to the University by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Azerbaijan.

An eco-art designed turbine in the shape of tulip represents a symbol of the Netherlands and has been made by the Dutch company “Flower Turbines”. It generates green energy, both wind and solar, and does not pose any danger to birds and other wildlife in the nature and creates very little noise. Clean energy generated by the turbine is intended for the use of students for charging their devices and bikes.

The Vice Rector of ADA University and Director of Institute for Development and Diplomacy, Dr. Fariz Ismailzade welcomed the guests and thanked the Embassy of the Netherlands for the unique and valuable gift.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ms. Pauline Eizema mentioned that “both the Netherlands and Azerbaijan are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate goals. In order to achieve these goals, the transition towards a sustainable, green economy and international cooperation as well as strong partnerships between governments, private sector, education and research institutions and civil society in this area are important elements of success”.

Ambassador, while explaining the idea behind this contribution, mentioned that “through this donation, the Embassy aims to make a concrete contribution towards sustainability and promote sustainable energy use among young generation hoping that this unique practice will be scaled up in the country with the support of the Government, private sector and other stakeholders”.

In her speech she referred to a roadmap, prepared by the World Bank Group in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan in June 2022, which focuses the path of Netherlands in offshore wind development as a role model for Azerbaijan and facilitates Dutch involvement in the sector as a front-runner in cost-efficient offshore wind development and installation. In this regard she highlighted that Dutch companies will be very interested in engagement in this sector.

The event was also attended by the alumni of Dutch Universities, who also shared their experience in green energy use in the Netherlands and how they would like to see this experience developed in our country. School №7 of Baku, who is representing the Netherlands under the Olympic Culture and Education Program, also participated with students and teachers in the ceremony.

ADA University has been also cooperating with the Netherlands in its double degree master program with Maastricht University since 2013 and so far has 120 alumni with double degree diplomas.

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