ADA School hosted International Model UN Conference

ADA School hosted International Model UN Conference

ADA School hosted International Model UN Conference.

The conference was attended by 400 representatives from 16 schools.The conference is intended to instill in the representatives of the young generation a global mindset that is compatible with the challenges of the real world, to enhance their diplomacy and negotiation skills, and cultivate a sense of responsibility for shaping a better future.

At the conference's inaugural ceremony, Faig Mammadov, Head of the Department of Work with Youth Organizations at the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, emphasized the significance of youth activity and leadership development.

The founder of the Club, Ilham Karimli, promoted the significance of diplomacy, mutual understanding, and global cooperation in resolving current issues. Riad Alizade, the Secretary General, provided the participants with the necessary instructions for the event's continuation.

Preparations for the draft resolution were made during the conference's deliberations on contemporary world challenges.

Winners of national and international competitions performed National Leader Heydar Aliyev's favorite songs during the artistic part of the event.

After the conference flash mob video, the "Aysel" dance group of Children's Art School No. 2 named after Vagif Mustafazade performed national dances.

During the two-day conference, the representatives engaged in discussions and strategic planning in their committees, expressing their viewpoints after thoroughly analyzing global events in light of the interests of the designated countries. These discussions were beneficial for enhancing the delegates' comprehension of international relations, fostering critical thought, and promoting cultural awareness and tolerance.

During the event's closing ceremony, participants and administrative team members got recognition for their outstanding contributions. The closing ceremony also featured remarkable videos prepared by the talented media team of the ADA School's Model United Nations Conference.

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