ADA University expands its relations with Jordanian Universities

ADA University expands its relations with Jordanian Universities

Vice Rector of ADA University and Director of Institute for Development and Diplomacy, Fariz Ismailzade paid a visit to Amman, Jordan and conducted a series of meetings with several institutions such as the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, the University of Jordan, and various think tanks.

The primary focus of these meetings was to explore potential areas of collaboration between higher education institutions, including joint scientific research and collaborative publication efforts. The discussions also revolved around the exchange of valuable academic experiences.

ADA University's Schools and the diverse range of courses and training programs were introduced by by Fariz Ismailzade. Furthermore, he cordially invited his Jordanian counterparts to participate actively in a multitude of international humanitarian events that were graciously hosted in Azerbaijan.

Two significant agreements were signed at the conclusion of the meetings: the "Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific Collaboration between ADA University and the University of Jordan" and the "Memorandum of Understanding on Collaboration between the Institute for Development and Diplomacy at ADA University and the Diplomacy Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan.

Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Jordan Eldar Salimov also attended the meetings.

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