Divan: Atrium and Dining Hall

Stretching through the concourse of the Student Center, Main Dining Hall can host some 250 guests in one seating. Seats are arranged in groups of 3, 4 and 6 persons. The Main Dining Hall is equipped with a full kitchen with a capacity to serve more than one thousand guests in one day. The kitchen is equipped to prepare variety of food from both national and international cuisine. Prominently displayed Oven can bake pizza and bread of all sorts. Food is arranged in sections of salads, main course, pizza, grills, bakery and dessert.

As part of normal operation, the Main Dining Hall serves our students and community. On occasions, we will hold here outside events as well. These events could range from breakfast to luncheon to special cocktail receptions and dinners. They will be hosted as part of international conferences and conventions, to be held in the Student Center Auditorium.