ADA Primary School

ADA School is a Way of Living, Exploring and Learning.

ADA School Pathway consists of three stages. These stages lead seamlessly from early years to secondary and pre-university years.

We are launching ADA Primary in September 2024. This summer, we will intake an inaugural class of 60 students. Some 20 students will enroll in Grades 1, 2 and 3 respectively. ADA Primary will admit full capacity of students as of 2025.

ADA Secondary will be launched as of September 2026.

Meanwhile, we will reform ADA High School into ADA College before September 2025. Students will study for 3 years at ADA College. Successful graduates will enroll in ADA University and study for 3 years in our undergraduate programs.

ADA School Pathway


ADA Primary is a Way of Living, Exploring and Learning. Nestled inside a green park outside Baku, our school helps our children escape hustle and bustle of a large city, live in contact with nature and explore their true self in a stimulating environment designed for active learning.

Our primary program provides opportunities to develop confidence, self-reliance, creativity, expression, imagination, and most importantly, desire to learn and to grow in a safe, trusting, rewarding, and nurturing environment. Our students fall in love with their school, while also respect and admire their teachers.

Students enroll at ADA Primary at the age of 6 and study through the age of 10.

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