ADA Primary is nestled inside a green park outside Baku. Situated steps away from Gala, our new campus has a convenient access to Heydar Aliyev Avenue, while also being at the edge of Mardakan, Shuvelan and surroundings.

ADA Gardens in Gala contain an artificial lake and a stretch of land lined with trees, flowers and bushes, also surrounded by vast plantations of olive and almond trees. In this magical setting of nature, students will create their own fairy tales, explore every single boundary and learn while exploring.

Science and Nature. We will create a nurturing environment for our young children to explore themselves in harmony with nature and to grow with awareness of it. The campus will have its own farm, where our young farms will grow their own vegetables and greens, while also enjoying the company of farm animals. In our cafeteria, we will eat what we will grow. Classes will spill outside Science Lab, where our young scientists will learn about plants, animals, soil, water, earth and universe, while being in direct touch with them.

Arts and Culture. Statues will be placed along the avenues around the park. Art will be on display at Galleria ADA. The campus will contain a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Throughout the park, we will design and build a stimulating environment for our Creative Explorers.

Mind and Body. We believe what we put in our mouth is what makes our Body, and what we put in our head is what makes our Mind. Harmony of mind and body will be enhanced through our physical education and wellbeing program. Students will enjoy athletic facilities with outside playgrounds, football, basketball and other fields.

We take learning outside classroom and make sure it continues everywhere throughout the campus.