Education must be based on core values. Most of the time, we skip values. Rather, we rush to transmit knowledge. We, then, want to test that knowledge, so that we can place them somewhere. It is that score or grade which may define who they are and where they belong. This should be reconsidered.

Our students take their educational journey through ADA Primary to acquire the following competencies known as the “Five C’s”.

Critical Thinking

The knowledge of content is important, but equally important it is to learn that content in real world context and apply that knowledge to real world issues. Our program helps students to develop curiosity. We spark their imagination. We help them to question things. They recognize there is a problem. They know when something is wrong or likely to go wrong. They combine pieces of information, make general rules, produce answers that make sense.


We teach our students to come up with unusual or clever ideas about a given situation. They develop original ways to solve a problem. They learn to become reflective, confident, and independent.


Our students express themselves clearly and creatively; give full attention to what other people are saying, take time to understand the points being made, ask questions as appropriate, not interrupting at inappropriate times and participate in class discussions. They develop skills for reading, fall in love with books and write clearly. They learn to express a meaning and connect with peers and audience.


Our students learn to behave at ease in diverse environments; respect and understand different opinions, beliefs, and perspectives; appreciate diverse cultures and viewpoints; carry out tasks collaboratively; demonstrate emotional intelligence; try to reconcile differences.


Our young citizens identify ethical issues and address these issues in a responsible manner; examine their own values; understand their place in a community; actively look for ways to help others; develop knowledge of society; respect their peers; act responsibly.