Core Values

Core Values

Our values make us into who we are. They shape our beliefs, principles, attitudes, and actions in life. Since our values are who we are, then at ADA, we are a HERO = Honest, Empathetic, Respectful, Open Minded.

Honesty: We speak truthfully and act truthfully. Our words matter. Our actions reflect our words. What we say and do mean the same. If we promise, we deliver. That is why other people trust us and rely on us. Our ancestors used to wear a hat. A hat was a symbol of a man’s honor. And that honor was his word, truthfully spoken and done.

Empathy: We are capable of emotionally understanding what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine ourselves in their place. In other words, we can “put ourselves in someone’s shoes”. Once we do that, we care. We stand up and do things. For our family, friends, neighbors, city, country, and world. We care because we understand.

Respect: We accept somebody for who they are, even when they are different from us, and we don’t agree with them. We care how our words and actions impact others. We treat them with kindness and compassion, and we do things for them. We know the significance of “böyük-kiçik, ağsaqqal-ağbirçək“. We respect our own self, our family, friends, neighbors, city, country, and the world around us.

Open-Mindedness: We are willing to listen to others. Other people have ideas, suggestions and opinions which may be new to us. Sometimes, these ideas are even different from our own. We are willing to consider that newness and difference. That is what makes us strong and courageous.

At ADA Primary, we are a HERO.

ADA School Framework for Student Values, Competencies and Outcomes

Education must be based on core values. Most of the time, we skip values. Rather, we rush to transmit knowledge. We, then, want to test that knowledge, so that we can place them somewhere. It is that score or grade which may define who they are and where they belong. This should be reconsidered.

We start with Values and base our education on core values. Successful combination of Core Values and Competencies steer our students towards their Outcome Images. At ADA, who we are is equally important as what we know. Hence, our framework for student values, competencies, and outcomes.