ADA Primary is a bilingual program. Azerbaijani is our primary language of instruction, while students learn English as a Second Language.

We have considered US and European models as a base, on which we are developing our own curriculum.

Since inception, we have built a flagship university in Azerbaijan whose language of instruction is English. By doing so, we have opened up minds of our students to the outside world, a world which is bigger than their own self. While living through our own success in higher education, we have also drawn lessons from challenges of the secondary education in Azerbaijan.

We believe a quality education is not just a domain of instruction in foreign languages. Top quality education can be built in our own language of Azerbaijani as well. Now, we want to build that.

We will build a school where Azerbaijani is the primary language of instruction. A child walking into our school will learn how to write, read and speak in own language first. Students will learn English as their second language.

Azerbaijani Studies is a core of our education in ADA School. It is an interdisciplinary way of teaching language, literature, history, geography, fine arts, music, theater, cinema, carpets, architecture, cuisine, and materials culture of Azerbaijan. All these will be taught around our own values and traditions. Our educational journey at ADA Primary cultivates our identity boosted by our sense of citizenship.