“Systematic Performance Tuning in PostgreSQL” by Dr. Fadai Ganjaliyev

“Systematic Performance Tuning in PostgreSQL” by Dr. Fadai Ganjaliyev

We are pleased to invite you to our online seminar under the theme “Systematic Performance Tuning in PostgreSQL” by Dr. Fadai Ganjaliyev, Assistant Professor of Information Technology at the School of Information Technologies and Engineering (SITE), ADA University.


Database systems store and process huge volumes of data availability of which greatly affects business continuity. Hence, ensuring stable database performance is crucial for enterprises that strive to remain competitive on the market nowadays.
Database performance may suffer due to variety of reasons ranging from a knob misconfiguration and inefficient code to hardware related issues. Thus, when troubleshooting performance related issue it is important to identify the real cause as well as do it systematically so that to a) suggest an appropriate solution and b) minimize downtime.
In this seminar, we will systematically resolve a performance related issue on the world’s most advanced open source database management system – PostgreSQL. Specifically, we will demonstrate a step-by-step approach for troubleshooting a real-life case that will lead to finding the root cause followed by a suggestion on improvement of the same.


Fadai Ganjaliyev is an Assistant Professor at the School of IT and Engineering at ADA University who in 2014 received his PhD degree at the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS. His current research interest is in database management systems, distributed processing and large-scale data analytics. He has published several papers in the international peer-reviewed journals.

As a database consultant he helped to resolve complex performance related issues in local companies. He has been certified by Oracle corporation eight times and presently is an Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Expert.

Save the date: 7 May, 16:00.
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