#EduDialogues session with Abbas Abbasov

#EduDialogues session with Abbas Abbasov

Dr. Abbas Abbasov, Director of Institutional Research and Strategy Planning Department at ADA University is the guest speaker of our upcoming #EduDialogues.

The discussion topic will be dedicated to “Universities and colleges as anchor institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic: Adoption of risk- mitigating policies in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and New York”. Digitalization debates and internationalization literature have highlighted the role of Covid-19 in higher education as a precursor to de- territorializing universities and colleges. However, if anything, the pandemic has underscored the local mission and physical presence of higher education institutions (HEIS) more than ever. Based on the findings from a dissertation study, this talk will demonstrate how adopting COVID-19 policies in three urban contexts has strengthened the role of HEIS within their immediate communities and neighborhoods, reaffirming their role as anchor institutions.

Date and time: April 17, 16:00-17:30
The session will be provided in English language.

RSVP: (Natella Tariverdiyeva)

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Event type: Academic