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Brief information about the School of Design & Architecture at ADA University

The School of Design and Architecture (SDA) is outlined in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano in the framework of Italy-Azerbaijan University initiative and will offer bachelor's, master's and non-degree certificate programs in Design, Architecture and Urban planning. ADA University is intertwined with the country’s plans where economic and cultural growth is leading the way. The urban areas are growing, and the country landscape and profile are evolving. Together with the leading agricultural sector, other productive sectors aim to evolve beyond oil-offering production towards promising new non-oil areas.

The School of Design and Architecture will share the polytechnic approach to Design, Architecture, and Urban Planning. Graduates will gain foundational disciplinary knowledge and practical experience - thanks to fundamental courses and the learning-by-doing educational approach that pursues up-to-date development lines in project-based design studios. The School of Design and Architecture offers an international level of study suitable for entering the job market as a junior architect or designer.

More information about SDA can be found at

Why applying for this position

The School of Design and Architecture is the place for constant education and innovation, where students will develop the knowledge and skills to contribute to the country’s goal. Indeed, the School of Design and Architecture will raise a new generation of Designers, Architects, and Urban Planners who will participate in the country’s progress, sharing and making the vision for it.  

For this purpose, the School of Design and Architecture will collaborate with public institutions to promote coordinated efforts toward progress, indicating priorities, developing projects, and anticipating future scenarios. Furthermore, the School of Design and Architecture will collaborate with local communities to promote the country’s development beyond Baku and with global partners to reach a multicultural environment and international status. 

Due to this ambitious program, joining SDA will be an opportunity for academic growth and engagement within a new international community of designers and architects.


  • Principal responsibilities include teaching undergraduate courses in Interior Design.
  • Candidates must have a potential or demonstrated commitment to teaching excellence, scholarly research and publication in peer reviewed journals, and academic engagement.


  • Candidates for Assistant Professor must have a Ph.D. in Design or Architecture in hand from an accredited institution or have an anticipated completion date of August 1, 2025 or sooner from an accredited institution.
  • Candidates for Associate Professor must have a Ph.D. and evidence of quality scholarship.
Women and members of minority groups are strongly urged to apply.

Send letter of application (max 1 page), curriculum vitae, portfolio of selected students’ works (if available), list of publications and link/PDF to maximum three papers, summary of teaching evaluations (if available), and contact information of three references to

The cut-off date for application is 19 July 2024.


Details of the job position

Programme: Bachelor in Interior Design

Year: 1st

Disciplinary Area: Visual Cultures, Representation and Technical Drawing

Course (tbc): Basic Design Studio for Interior Design

Semester: Second

Start date: October 2025 (teaching starts January 2026)

Description of the Disciplinary Area:

This core subject area develops students' theoretical knowledge of visual cultures and technical-practical skills of representation and communication, with fruitful reciprocal feeding. On the one hand, students have been introduced to the use of languages and the related tools and techniques necessary for the morphological, material, and functional representation of space (from manual drawing to digital representation, from photography to the production of study models and prototypes, from digital modeling of surfaces to parametric modeling, rendering and the related post-production of the generated images). Students learn the codes of representation at the different scales of drawing, digital image production and manipulation techniques, and production techniques for models and prototypes both manually and with digital fabrication.

General Objectives of the Course:

The studio offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the significance and application of visual languages alongside a diverse array of tools and techniques that are closely aligned with the domain of interior design. Through meticulous instruction and practical exercises, students are equipped to proficiently represent the intricate aspects of interior design. This process is facilitated through the development and adept interpretation of perceptual mechanisms and color systems, which play a pivotal role in conveying design concepts effectively. The central objective of this disciplinary training is to foster a holistic integration of design communication skills with a keen ability to translate complex elements of design analysis and synthesis into compelling visual representations.

Basic knowledge required:

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of visual languages commonly employed in the design field;
  • Ability to develop a project of interior design from the preliminary phases to the definition of requirements for development (to be reported in the CV/portfolio);
  • Experience in organizing and assessing students' project outcomes through examination and public display;
  • Knowledge and ability to foster effective communication and sharing among students, enabling them to elucidate and articulate their design choices during the creative process
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