ADA University Employability Week: 1-10 April 2021

ADA University Employability Week: 1-10 April 2021

We are pleased to announce that ADA University will host Employability Week that features 15 top companies from various industries.

Open to all majors and class levels of undergraduate programs, ADA University Employability Week's ultimate goal is to raise awareness amongst students about current career trends. The Employability Week will connect them with their prospective employers.

Throughout the online Employability Week, students will have the opportunity to attend a variety of training series, workshops, and panel discussions supported by different industry partners that will help students to identify the key skills needed for becoming successful and well-prepared professionals upon graduation.
Trainers will tell specifics of their respective Industries: Banking, Consulting, IT & Telecom, Public sector, International Development, NGO, FMCG, Oil&Gas, etc.
Attendees will take part in discussions on the successful management of the entrepreneurial process with industry professionals. They will get practical skills for career preparation and ways of setting themselves apart from other candidates by joining training series.
Employability Week will end with the online Closing ceremony.

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