Azercell announces the winners of the "Idea Incubation Program"

Azercell announces the winners of the "Idea Incubation Program"

ADA students presenting innovative ideas have gained wide opportunities to succeed as entrepreneurs.

“Azercell Telecom” LLC, in collaboration with the ADA University Foundation and ADA University in Azerbaijan, held an award ceremony for the winners of the "Idea Incubation Program."

Twenty teams participated in this project aimed at cultivating new talents in the ICT field, inspiring students to create innovative technological solutions, and fostering entrepreneurship. Throughout the program, conducted within the framework of digital inclusivity, students from ADA University engaged in mentorship sessions, attended seminars led by local and international experts, refined their ideas with professional mentors, worked on new solutions, and learned how to turn their ideas into tangible products.

During the event, teams presented their projects and answered questions from the judges. Based on the final discussions and the judges' evaluations, the winners were determined according to specific criteria, such as problem identification, solution viability, market understanding, business model, team capability, technical feasibility and readiness.

First place was awarded to the Hackwarts team. With the help of innovative solutions, the youth plans to reduce the time spent by companies on screening applications in technical interviews and exams. Second place was taken by the Academia team, which developed an alternative platform to automate online learning. Third place went to the NetEdge team, which specializes in simplifying network applications for modern spaces. The provided solutions are designed for clear, easy-to-follow plans and offer ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and maintenance.

All teams were awarded gifts and certificates. The winners received cash prizes and the opportunity to participate in an internship program at Azercell.

Speaking at the event, Natiq Hajıyev, President of the ADA University Foundation (Azerbaijan), stated, "Azercell Telecom” has been one of the first corporate partners of the ADA University Foundation, supporting social responsibility projects for many years. This partnership contributes to the development of the startup ecosystem in our country, particularly at ADA University, by fostering idea-based businesses and transforming intellectual potential into capital."

It is worth noting that Azercell actively participates in enhancing the ICT and innovation ecosystem in Azerbaijan Republic by implementing and supporting projects that contribute to its improvement, sustainability, and competitiveness.

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