School of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science is based on a holistic understanding of the agricultural sector to prepare agronomists specialized in soil protection and amelioration, agricultural water conservation, plant production and protection, sustainable land use, and farm management. Therefore, graduates will gain an understanding of the complexity of the agricultural sector with an extensive knowledge of the biotic and abiotic factors governing the processes of food and non-food agricultural production systems, competencies to identify pathogenic agents and parasites and the related contrasting techniques, skills to assess and evaluate product quality and to assess and tackle economic and environmental impacts.

The first cohort of students will be admitted in Fall 2024.

Tuition and fees

Annual tuition and fees for the citizens of Azerbaijan is 6000 AZN and for Internationals 10500 AZN. All citizens of Azerbaijan admitted in Fall 2024 will receive 50% discount to tuition and fees.

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