School of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Food Science

The Bachelor of Science in Food Science take a farm-to-fork approach moving beyond the most common association with crop production and animal husbandry, to aim at a holistic understanding of agricultural and food systems. Companies and civil society require to rethink more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes to develop new ingredients, smarter food and more sustainable consumer products. The degree in Food Science aims to train professionals in food processes and products for companies in the food sector (production, distribution, packaging, ingredients), public or private food control laboratories, and technical and operational sectors of the food sector. The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge necessary for the evaluation of chemical, physical, nutritional, and sensory quality of food products, to manage and conduct production processes in the name of modern procedural standards in terms of quality and safety, and with a view to economic and marketing efficiency.

The first cohort of students will be admitted in Fall 2025.