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Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Systems Management

Program aims

The Master's Degree Course in Agricultural and Food Systems Management is a 2-year Cycle Degree Programme designed with an interdisciplinary approach and an international outlook. It is a multidisciplinary programme pivoted on agricultural and food economics, providing a combination of analytical and quantitative skills with an emphasis on management, policy, and practices in the agri-food sector. The programme builds on the connections between different fields of knowledge focused on agricultural and food systems sustainability in order to train prospective decision-makers in facing real management problems in international contexts and diverse organizational settings.

The programme aims to provide students with a broad perspective on the complexity of economic and organizational aspects related to agricultural and food value chains with particular attention to environmental and human sustainability issues. By developing skills related to sustainable entrepreneurship management, agri-food business planning and venturing, the course allows students to acquire knowledge, as well as the logic, methodologies and tools to undertake a managerial career in industrial and commercial enterprises, in public organisations, in service and consultancy companies, in research centres, developing entrepreneurial aptitudes towards innovative start-ups and enterprises within the agri-food sector.

The qualifying feature is the advanced level of the study course with particular attention to the interdisciplinary nature of economics and business. The course aims to provide students with an innovative, multidisciplinary and systemic perspective with the objective of building their careers in companies and organizations where they can broad the vision and build a sustainable future.

Students will acquire the essential knowledge and tools to undertake a fulfilling managerial career in the agri-food industry.

Program structure

The first and the second semesters of the programme focus mainly on economics including: strategic cost management, business performance analysis, corporate valuation, food economics, behavioral decision making, people management, data mining, econometrics, strategic organization and international finances. The third semester shifts towards courses on the management of agricultural and food systems: food supply chain management, policies for sustainable food systems, rural development, international agri-food marketing and quality management, communication, research labs specifically dedicated to the development of linkages with the Azerbaijani agricultural and food industry. The fourth semester will be dedicated to electives and the writing of the Master’s thesis.

Specific and Transversal Skills

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are developed through attendance to lectures, workshops, seminars, experimental activities, and field experiences. The academic programme covers different but interconnected macro-areas of learning which provide the skills required to the modern professional figure of agri-food business manager:

- business planning and business venturing;
- design and management of national and international research and development projects;
- strategic agri-food business management and agri-food products marketing;
- corporate finance, accounting, and control;
- agri-food products quality assurance and innovation management;
- entrepreneurial skills development;
- management in consulting companies;
- business start-ups in the food industry;
- local, national and international public bodies related to food system;
- research centres and/or national and international organisation.

Transversal skills include:

- full proficiency to work in English and Azerbaijani language;
- ability to work autonomously;
- team-work skills in the context of crop production and protection activities;
- ability to consult databases to acquire scientific knowledge on problems related to agricultural production and defense.

Main professional functions

Graduates will be able to carry out the following functions:
- supervise the qualitative management of the food value chain;
- monitor food safety and quality processes;
- elaborate marketing plans to enhance product reputation and for the launch of a food product;
- design strategies to improve sustainability and product quality;
- measure the achievement of strategic goals, with particular reference to the sustainable development goals.

Main professional profile

Agricultural and Food System Management graduates will have the opportunity to access a wide range of managerial positions in food businesses, consultancy companies, public administrations, local and international agencies, giving access to third-cycle studies (PhD and postgraduate) and second-level universities masters.
As future managers, advisors and entrepreneurs in agri-food systems, students will acquire advanced knowledge about business administration and entrepreneurial skills in the food system.

Employment opportunities

Graduate students might cover specific roles in start-ups, SMEs and corporations in the agricultural sector and in the food industry; in local, national and international public bodies (i.e. Ministry of Agriculture, Food Safety Agency, etc.) related to food system; research centres and/or national and international organizations; local, national and international public bodies related to food system. These roles include:
- food system manager;
- sustainability manager;
- environmental & climate change analyst/ consultant/ manager;
- agri-food consultant/ manager;
- supply chain consultant/ manager;
- entrepreneur in sustainable food-related businesses;
- policy analyst/ consultant in sustainable agriculture and food systems;
- food Systems educator;
- circular economy consultant.

Students might aim also at applying for PhD Studies.

The first cohort of students will be admitted in Fall 2024.

Tuition and fees

Annual tuition and fees for the citizens of Azerbaijan is 6000 AZN and for Internationals 10500 AZN.

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What you study at FSM

  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Food Economics
  • Behavioral Decision Making
  • People Management
  • International Finance
  • Food Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
  • International Agri-food Marketing and Quality Management
  • Food system in Azerbaijan LAB
  • 3
  • 6
  • 6
  • 3
  • 6
  • 6
  • 6
  • 6
  • 6
  • 6
  • Data Mining
  • Econometrics for management
  • 6
  • 6
  • Strategic Organization
  • 6
Political Sciences
  • Policies for Sustainable Food Systems
  • Rural Development: Practices and Policies
  • 6
  • 6
Agricultural Science/ Communication
  • Research, Innovation and Communication in the Food Industry (or Food system in Azerbaijan LAB 2)
  • 6
  • Final exam
  • 12