Throughout the campus, our space is designed to avoid isolation and compartmentalization. It brings all of us together, makes sure we meet in corridors and staircases, and flow evenly and frequently. We don’t look for a rector or a dean, or a faculty. We find them among us, passing by us and close to us. We get the rector or dean or faculty host our students once a month. Caravansara is a space, where we pick up our coffee, walk to them, shake their hands and thank our professor for a vivid class of negotiations. That space is not congested, so we can rub shoulders with all easily while networking.

Our vision of Azerbaijan is From Exchange of Goods to Exchange of Ideas. ADA Caravansara is designed to facilitate that mission of learning. Caravansara is shaped rectangular. This space can be used for special occasion events, such as dinners, graduation ceremonies, lectures and panels. As such, it can host more than 300 guests. Flat TVs on the wall are available to watch CNN, BBC and Bloomberg.