Majlis is shaped as rotunda. Majestic staircases lead students and guests from the second floor balcony to the main floor, where we have lounge seating, bench seating, amphitheater, and stage in the middle.

A hub where we all come together. A spacious one. Gateway to a new world of ideas. This is where we enter ADA first, where traffic crosses every single day for many years, where we are taught, where we hear great minds of the world speaking to us, where we speak to grow into principled leaders in action. 

In Majlis, dignitaries, professors, our peers gather informally and speak out loud, where we listen to them from the balcony and staircases, speak back to them courageously and loudly, be it from our seats on the floor or from the top of the staircase. Majlis is a Socratic environment.