School of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Sahil Guliyev

Sahil Guliyev

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Sciences

  • Email:
  • Phone: 557
  • Office: A105

  • Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Postdoctoral project in Environmental Science, Greifswald University/ Greifswald/Germany
  • Ph.D. in Plant protection /Phytopathology, ASAU, Azerbaijan
  • M.Sc. in Agro ecological assessment and allocation of land species, ASAU, Azerbaijan
  • B.Sc. in Agrochemistry and Soil Science, ASAU, Azerbaijan
Joined ADA February, 2023
Publications - Guliyev S., A.H. Babayev, 2013. The reasons for an increase in soil erosion summer pasture the Shamkir region. ASAU Scientific Works: (young scientists Tribune)

- Guliyev S., 2014. The integrative System of Protection corn. Modern agricultural science: challenges and development perspectives of the century. International scientific –practical conference .22-24 September, Ganja, Azerbaijan.

- Guliyev S. 2016 The herbicides against a place of weeds and reduce the use of integrated control measures. Success of modern science and education 2016

- Guliyev S., 2017. The most common weeds in corn crops in conditions of Ganja-Kazakh zone. Agrar science journal 2017

- M. Babadoost, S. Sulley, And S. Guliyev University of Illinois Urbana, IL 61801, USA. Effectiveness of selected chemical compounds and biocontrol agents for control of bacterial spot of pumpkin, 2016. Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR), published by APS. 2017 MDMR 11: V132.

- Mariam Merabishvili1*, Sahil Guliyev2*, Jonathan Etzold3, 2018. Ecological condition of village pastures in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Abstract submission. Collective action and conflict on common village pastures -Comparative case studies in Azerbaijan and Georgia (Co4) 16–19 April | Best Western Hotel | Almaty, Kazakhstan

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