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Umid Suleymanov

Umid Suleymanov


Computer and Information Sciences

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  • Office : B316

I am from Data Science, Machine Learning Engineering background with a focus on Natural Language Processing. My research interests are mainly in the direction of natural language processing, word vector representations and sentiment analysis.

  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Software Design Patterns
  • Principles of Operating Systems
  • MS, Khazar University
  • BS, ADA University
Joined ADA January, 2022
Publications - Huseynov K., Suleymanov U., Rustamov S., Huseynov J. (2021) Training and Evaluation of Word Embedding Models for Azerbaijani Language. In: Digital Interaction and Ma-chine Intelligence. MIDI 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1376. Springer, Cham. DOI:

- Suleymanov U., B. K. Kalejahi, E. Amrahov, and R. Badirkhanli, "Text classification for Azerbaijani language using machine learn-ing," Computer Systems Science and Engi-neering, vol. 35, no.6, pp. 467–475, 2020. DOI:

- Mammadli S., Huseynov S., Alkaramov H., Jafarli U, Suleymanov U. and Rustamov S. 2019. Sentiment Polarity Detection in Azer-baijani Social News Articles. International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Lan-guage Processing (RANLP 2019) 2-4 Sep-tember 2019, Varna, Bulgaria. DOI:

- Suleymanov U., Rustamov, S., Mustafali A., Zulfugarov M., Orujov O., Musayev N., Aliza-de A.. 2018. Empirical Study of Online News Classification Using Machine Learning Ap-proaches. IEEE 12th International Confer-ence on Application of Information and Communication Technologies Conference Proceedings. Almaty, Kazakhstan. DOI:

- Suleymanov U. and Rustamov S. 2018. Au-tomated News Categorization using Machine Learning methods. Aegean International Textile and Advanced Engineering Confer-ence (AΙTAE 2018) 5–7 September 2018, Lesvos, Greece. DOI: