School of Business
Fuzuli Aliyev

Fuzuli Aliyev

Assistant Professor

Finance and Financial Management

  • Phone : 512
  • Office : D318

“I too believe investment in knowledge, especially finance, not only pays the best interest but sparks happiness.”

Courses Principles of Finance, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Investments
  • PhD, Istanbul University
  • MA, Qafqaz University
  • BA, Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Postdoc, University of Central Florida as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar
  • DAAD Research Scholarship for University Academics, University of Marburg
Joined ADA 2021
Publications Yiğit, F. & Aliyev, F. (2022). The Relationship Between Volatility and Sovereign Credit Risk in the Emerging Markets: A Nonlinear ARDL Approach. Ege Academic Review, 22 (1), 49-58 . DOI: 10.21121/eab.1064521

· Mukhtarov, S., Karacan, R., Aliyev, F., & Ismayilov, V. (2022). The Effect of Financial Development on Energy Consumption: Evidence from Russia. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 12(1), 243–249.

· Richard A. Ajayi, Fuzuli Aliyev, Teymur Sarkhanov “The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Global Financial Markets: A Qualitative Analysis” Brazilian Journals of Business, 2-3, 2020,

· Fuzuli Aliyev, Richard Ajayi, Nijat Gasim “Modelling Asymmetric Market Volatility with Univariate GARCH Models: Evidence from Nasdaq-100” The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 2020, 22, e00167,

· Fuzuli Aliyev “Testing Market Efficiency with Nonlinear Methods: Evidence from Borsa Istanbul” International Journal of Financial Studies, 2019, 2:27,

· Fuzuli Aliyev, Aysel Soltanli “Empirical Test of Capital Asset Pricing Model on Selected Banking Shares from Borsa Istanbul”, Academic Journal of Economic Studies, 2018;1(4)

· Fakhri Hasanov, Cihan Bulut, Jeyhun Mikayilov, Fuzuli Aliyev, Elchin Suleymanov “The Role of Oil Prices in Exchange Rate Movements: The CIS Oil Exporters” Economies, 2017, 5-13; doi:10.3390/economies5020013

· Fuzuli Aliyev, Nigar Gamarli “Borsa İstanbul’da Haftaiçi Anomalisi üzerine bir İnceleme” Finans Ekonomi ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Dergisi (FESA), 2018 (3), 625-632. DOI: 10.29106/fesa.392479 (in Turkish)

· Fuzuli Aliyev “Effektiv bazar hipotezinin tarixi və takamülü prosesi”, AMEA İqtisadiyyat İnstitutu, “Elmi əsərlər” toplusu №6-2017, 224-232 (in Azerbaijani)

· Fuzuli Aliyev, Elcin Suleymanov “E‐commerce and its Probable Effects on Azerbaijani Economy”, Journal of Qafqaz University, Economics and Administration, Azerbaijan, 2011, Vol. 32, pp.98-104 (in Azerbaijani)

Book chapter:

· Aliyev, F. (2021), “The Positive Effects of Financial Innovation on the International Trade Volume”, Dinçer, H. and Yüksel, S. (Ed.) Strategic Outlook in Business and Finance Innovation: Multidimensional Policies for Emerging Economies, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 161-171.