School of Business
Mugabil Isayev

Mugabil Isayev

Assistant Professor


  • Email:
  • Phone: 523
  • Office: D308

  • Money, Banking and Financial Markets
  • Principles of Finance
  • PhD, Eastern Mediterranean University
  • MS, Eastern Mediterranean University
  • BS, Azerbaijan State University of Economics
Joined ADA August, 2022
Publications Athari, S. A., Isayev, M., & Irani, F. (2024). Does Country Risk Rating Explain Shadow Banking Development? Insights from Advanced and Emerging Market Economies. Economic Systems, 101192.

Isayev, M., & Farooq, O. (2024). Shadow banking and non-performing loans: international evidence. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance.

Isayev, M., & Farooq, O. (2023). The moderating role of shadow banking on the finance-growth nexus. Applied Economics Letters, 1-6.

Isayev, M., Irani, F., & Attarzadeh, A. (2023). Asymmetric effects of monetary policy on non-bank financial intermediation (NBFI) assets: a panel quantile regression approach. Journal of Economic Studies.

Isayev, M., & Bektas, E. (2023). The nexus between commercial bank lending and shadow banking assets: do bank risks and profitability moderate? Evidence from emerging markets. Applied Economics Letters, 30(9), 1162-1167.