School of Public and International Affairs
Ali Saqer

Ali Saqer

Assistant Professor

International Relations

  • Email : asaqer[at]
  • Phone : 341
  • Office : D335

My research interests lie in the area of international political economy and global policy groups, especially with regard to global benchmarking, international competitiveness and public policy. I am particularly interested in studying the interaction and intersection between national and transnational spaces of power. I look at the nature of the relationship between state departments and policy groups such as the World Economic Forum and International Institute for Management Development as well as the World Bank. I am currently working on a research monograph focused on the study of public policy and the race towards national competitiveness, promoted by the organisations above, in three countries: The United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands.

  • International Political Economy
  • Sustainable Development
  • State and Politics
  • Political Economy of Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • PhD, University of Warwick 
  • MA, University of Warwick
  • BS, Damascus University
Joined ADA January, 2017

Journal Article:

- Saqer, Ali, “A Conversation with Alex Callinicos: The Political Economy of the Eurozone Crisis”, Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 2016 3(2), pp. 138-156.

Forthcoming book:

- Saqer, Ali, Making the Competitiveness Agenda of the State, contracted with the Routledge Review of International Political Economy Series (forthcoming March 2020)

Work in Progress

- ‘Benchmarking National Competitiveness: The Construction of Evidence-Based Policy-Making in the UK’.

- ‘The Davos Hub: Looking beyond the Art of Networking’.

- ‘Nuclear Renaissance in the UK: Hinkley Point C and the British Environmental Citizen’, Co-authored with Dominic Kelly (Warwick). 

Conference Papers:

- ‘The National Origins of Everyday International Competitiveness: The Case of China’; European International Studies Association: A New Hope: Back to the Future, Prague, Czech Republic. September 2018;

- ‘The National Origins of Everyday International Competitiveness: The UK Case’. Paper presented to the International Relations Society, Department of Politics and International Studies at Warwick University. November 2016;

- ‘Competitiveness in Policy Debates: The UK’s Response to Globalisation’, European International Studies Association: Worlds of Violence, Sicily, Italy. September 2015;

- ‘International Competitiveness and Economic Resilience: from Welfare for People to Welfare for Businesses’, International Studies Association-FLACSO: Global and Regional Powers in a Changing World International Studies Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2014;

- ‘Transnational Rulemaking: A Case of Institutionalised Public Governance?' Theme: Beyond the Ivory Tower: IR and the Real World, British International Studies Association, Birmingham, UK, June 2013.